Peace Found

In the midst of all today’s chaos, we found paradise.

Fire’s burning close to us in our mountains, smoke filling the air daily, Covid cases and distress getting worse again and a polarizing election that has set friend and family against each other has caused us not to be able to breathe. Really breathe, physically and metaphorically.

We drove to Michigan this August, following only an hour behind the horrific Derecho, land hurricane, that devastated Iowa crops. Our hotel was shut down when we arrived because of no electricity and no gas or lights anywhere. We listened to our intuition and kept driving, knowing there would be gas somewhere along the highway. Thankfully, hours later, we found a gas station with a generator that allowed us to move onto our destination but with no hotels or sleep in sight.

After 25 hours of driving and living on caffeine, we stopped at a lavender labyrinth close to the breathtaking Lake Michigan. This labyrinth was built by a beautiful lady who created it just to give back to the world, no charge, just built with love. She even encouraged us to take our yellow lab with us on our walking meditation. The lavender perfume was delightful, and in the middle of the labyrinth, she had created a huge herb garden shaped in tear drops. For a few hours of our life, we were calm and restored.

I hope each day you can find even a few minutes of peace, away from the news, away from negativity and just be with yourself. We’ll get through this time like we have before. After all, there are still people in this world who give back with love and kindness…

Have a great day today and always!