“Carol is sincerely one of the best readers I’ve met. She has given me (and my family) many readings and they have always been insightful and right on target. She is equally good at medium readings (which is really saying something). Carol is one of those few gifted people who can walk that fine line between speaking truth and doing it in a gentle way that allows people to really hear. If you get a chance to have Carol read for you, I definitely would not pass it up. I cannot say enough as to just how good she is.”

MarkGreenwood Village, CO

“Carol is the real deal! I was introduced to her by a close friend almost 10 years ago. Her intuitive skills and heartfelt guidance have been a blessing in my life. She has empowered me in my own spiritual growth through her intuitive readings, structured classes and monthly gatherings. She is down to earth and seamlessly blends compassion, creativity and intuition, making her an inspirational mentor.”

DanaDenver, CO

“Carol is an amazing psychic and self- development teacher! She has helped me grow as a person, develop my intuitive abilities, and see the world in a different light. I will be forever grateful for her genuine guidance and insight! She has helped me heal and understand the purpose of several life-changing events in my life including a traumatic car accident and gave me the clarity I needed to end an engagement that was not destined for me. She is a beautiful person and remarkable teacher and mentor whom I will cherish forever!”

Sabrina Maui, HI

“Carol is one of the most truly gifted and beautiful souls I know. The insight and guidance she has provided me during her sessions has been life changing and I will forever be grateful. Her intuition has always been spot on for me and her kind, sweet and gentle demeanor makes even the hard to hear stuff about myself easy to accept!  My first class with Carol was in 2008 and I still find comfort, guidance and inspiration from what I have learned from her. Her classes helped me become stronger and more confident spiritually as well as emotionally. I love the way she explains things and the amazing tools she uses from guided mediations, daily practices to activities that help expand your own level of intuition.”

Jana Brighton, CO

“There are no words to describe Carol’s gifts of medium and psychic abilities.  I have known Carol for over 10 years and have had many readings from her.  She has always seen my true essence and highest potential with such clarity.

Carol has always demonstrated great integrity with a loving heart.  She has a gentle, kind, and compassionate way of sharing even the hardest of messages.

I am forever grateful to Carol on so many levels.  Thank You Carol.”

AngelaLittleton, CO

“I have had the privilege of having multiple readings with Carol. Carol is truly gifted, kind and brutally honest with her intuitive readings. I always feel at ease and am always anxious to return!”

TracyGrand Ledge, MI

“I had the wonderful pleasure of receiving a reading from Carol. It was truly an amazing experience and I’m grateful for the time I got to spend with her. I came into my appointment feeling heavy and out of balance hoping that she would be able to give me some insight into why I was feeling that way. Once I stepped into her office, I immediately felt at ease. The energy was perfect and I was able to let my guard down. Not only was she able to pick up on everything that I was going through, she also gave me tools and resources to help along the journey. Carol is absolutely wonderful and she embodies so much strength, grace and wisdom. If you are in need of some healing and guidance, I highly encourage you to contact her. Thank you, Carol!!”

Gloria Denver, CO

“Carol is the Real Deal. Not only have I received affirming and validating information from her, I have also received many messages that surprised me and proved to be important in the months and even years to come. Carol once read a friend of mine who was a skeptic. Carol gave her information that she didn’t believe and one year later, lo and behold, Carol’s prediction came true- my friend couldn’t believe it! It was a HUGE life event that didn’t seem possible but it happened, just as Carol had foreshadowed. Besides being incredibly intuitive, Carol is kind, intelligent and professional. I recommend her to all my friends; a reading with her truly is a gift!”

Stephanie Golden, CO

“Carol is an amazing and gifted soul. Over the past 10 years Cathy and I have come to know Carol as a wonderful, caring teacher, friend and most importantly her connection to the spirit world is amazing. As a recipient of personal readings from Carol, I can honestly say her connection to spirit has been validated many times over. Her readings always exceed my expectations and bring me clarity and peace. She is blessed with a wonderful gift and you won’t be disappointed.”

Steve and Cathy Aurora, CO

“I’m glad to recommend Carol Garton not only for her amazing psychic and mediumship abilities but also for the intuitive classes she puts on. Carol has honed her abilities since she was young and it’s evident and obvious in her readings that she has great, loving spiritual contacts. Her life experiences and skills put her in a position to understand and feel almost any problem you take her. She zeros right in on the issue and not only can address it, but she also has the ability to help you see the situation from different perspectives in order to help you move through those issues. This often leads to more insights and ‘A-ha’ moments later down the road which is a great extra!

Her classes are filled with wonderful exercises set up in a ‘safe psychic environment’ for learning and stepping outside your own comfort zone. I’m always amazed at the unique lessons she brings each class and my own doubts about being able to accomplish her next challenge are usually quickly vanquished. Her encouragement and confidence in her our abilities seems to bring out the best in all of us.”

KarenMorrison, CO

“I consider myself very blessed and very fortunate to have Carol not only as my friend, but also as my most trusted intuitive coach. When I first met Carol and had a reading with her, I felt as if I was receiving counsel from an old and dear friend. I have known Carol for nearly ten years, and I have received many accurate and helpful readings from her. Through the years Carol has helped me stay clear, grounded and on my own true path. She has shared many wonderful teachings with me to help me grow as a person and to trust my own intuition. Carol is an amazing intuitive and teacher! I am extremely fortunate to have her in my life!”

SamWestminster, CO

“When I had a reading with Carol, it became intense and emotional but is what I needed!! She assisted me with my guardian angel and shared with me how a guardian angel exists. I would love to have more readings!”

LynnGreeley, CO

“I’ve had the pleasure of having many readings with Carol Garton over the last 9 years. From the very first one, I found myself feeling at ease because of her warm, welcoming and relaxed personality. Whether I’ve had specific questions to ask her or maybe I just want her to tell me what she sees. Either way, I’ve never been disappointed. The information she gives me seems to just flow. I’ve found her to be insightful and accurate and sometimes eerily so. Having a reading by Carol is like having coffee with an old friend.”

NancyDenver, CO

“Until a few years ago I was very skeptical of the business of channeling messages from those passed on to us still living. I now realize that was because I did not know the individuals performing those readings, and had heard about many faking the talent just for money. However, I do know Carol Garton to be a very honest and caring person given this ability to sense the spirits of those passed and pick up on messages they are trying to convey. Carol has done readings for me and proven to be accurate in what she is picking up. And, important to me, she will not relay information she is not sure about. Carol is a very intuitive spirit and a real blessing to those around her. I trust her implicitly.”

DougFt Myers, FL
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