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Isabella Barella

Young Adult

“I was charmed by your main character and really enjoyed her coming to grips with her unusual power as well as battling the well-established “bully” machine that operates in every school, organization, and grouping. Isabella is always struggling but she continues to make the effort and does not let the ones opposing her get her down. She also handles the loss of her father and the seemingly-absent mom who cannot get over her own grief to aid her kids with theirs. She perseveres and becomes something of a hero although she is still different and revels in her differences. Completely hopeful and a really good read for the teen-aged set.”  2014 Benjamin Franklin Awards Review

Benjamin Franklin Awards Review Rated 9 out of 10 – (10 being the best) in all categories and #2 tie breaker! (Writing, Mechanics, Organization, Clarity, General, and Overall Reaction)

Land of Carina

Children’s /Young Reader Ages 6-12

The Land of Carina is an inspiring and creative work that encourages the young reader to dream even through life’s challenges.  This book carries a number of well-weaved messages about our ever-changing environment, the seasons of our life, and the perils of instant gratification.  The Land of Carina introduces intriguing characters that help Francie embrace love, loss, hope and the chance to believe in her dreams.

Boys and girls alike will enjoy the suspense of the dragon who tries to lead though fear and the strength of the queen who leads through kindness.  In the end, this engaging book encourages the reader to capture their own imagination in writing.  This timely faerie tale will teach the importance of the power of dreaming and living in the moment.  Children of all ages will love to read The Land of Carina.

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