Meet Carol Garton

Carol is an intuitive, medium, spiritual teacher and author who weaves her diverse background into her readings, classes, workshops and writings. She teaches her clients and students that listening to their intuition will help them find the confidence to lead happy and successful lives.  She has given professional intuitive and medium readings to clients for over 10 years.  A clairvoyant since childhood, Carol and has incorporated her gifts into her personal life and businesses.

“Carol is sincerely one of the best readers I’ve met. She has given me (and my family) many readings and they have always been insightful and right on target. She is equally good at medium readings (which is really saying something). Carol is one of those few gifted people who can walk that fine line between speaking truth and doing it in a gentle way that allows people to really hear. If you get a chance to have Carol read for you, I definitely would not pass it up. I cannot say enough as to just how good she is.”

MarkGreenwood Village, CO

“Carol is the real deal! I was introduced to her by a close friend almost 10 years ago. Her intuitive skills and heartfelt guidance have been a blessing in my life. She has empowered me in my own spiritual growth through her intuitive readings, structured classes and monthly gatherings. She is down to earth and seamlessly blends compassion, creativity and intuition, making her an inspirational mentor.”

DanaDenver, CO

“Carol is an amazing psychic and self- development teacher! She has helped me grow as a person, develop my intuitive abilities, and see the world in a different light. I will be forever grateful for her genuine guidance and insight! She has helped me heal and understand the purpose of several life-changing events in my life including a traumatic car accident and gave me the clarity I needed to end an engagement that was not destined for me. She is a beautiful person and remarkable teacher and mentor whom I will cherish forever!”

SabrinaMaui, Hawaii

“Carol is one of the most truly gifted and beautiful souls I know. The insight and guidance she has provided me during her sessions has been life changing and I will forever be grateful. Her intuition has always been spot on for me and her kind, sweet and gentle demeanor makes even the hard to hear stuff about myself easy to accept!  My first class with Carol was in 2008 and I still find comfort, guidance and inspiration from what I have learned from her. Her classes helped me become stronger and more confident spiritually as well as emotionally. I love the way she explains things and the amazing tools she uses from guided mediations, daily practices to activities that help expand your own level of intuition.”

JanaBrighton, CO
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