Being Thankful

While visiting Maui several years ago, my husband and I planned several whale-watching tours. One as intimate as 10 people on a rigid inflatable boat that took us so close that we could smell the whale as she sprayed out her blowhole. My hope was to see a whale breach. While we saw many whales, I always seemed to be looking the other way when one jumped out of the water. The last day of our incredible trip, I sat under a waterfall near the ocean doing a “thankful” meditation for all we had been given. At the end of the meditation, I asked if it was meant to be, to see one whale breach before we left. We had dinner in a small restaurant on the water before leaving for the airport and were sat at an open window overlooking the ocean. A few minutes later, something caught my eye out of the window. A whale jumping joyously out of the water only a 50-yards away. And then her baby jumped behind her.  It was like we could reach out and touch them. The entire restaurant was gathered around our table watching. She continued to jump over and over and then would lay on her side and use her flipper to instruct her baby to jump. The whale and baby jumped in front of us for over 30 minutes and then slowly moved down the beach. The restaurant said they had never in all their years seen such a show. Could it be that being thankful for what we have will give us what we need? I was given one the greatest gifts that day. I am truly thankful.

Have a great day today and always!